Annual General Membership Meeting
Sunday, September 13th at 10:00 A.M.

To: All Members – Shelter Harbor Marina Condominium Association
From: Board of Trustees
Subject: Annual General Membership Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the membership of the Shelter Harbor Marina Condominium Association shall be held in accordance with Article III of the By-Laws, on Sunday, September 13th at 10:00 A.M. at the CLUBHOUSE
Masks must be worn
All Covid guidelines will be in place
Social distancing of 6 feet
Temperatures taken at check in
The Clubhouse will be sanitized before and after the meeting
Members in good standing (as defined in Article II (c.) of the By Laws are entitled to vote at this meeting. An election will be held to elect 5 members to the Board of Trustees as well as such other business that may come before this meeting.
You are urged to attend this meeting either in person or by proxy so that a quorum may be present to conduct Association business. If you would like an item included on the agenda at this meeting please forward such a request in writing to my attention or the Marina office no less than 10 days prior to the meeting so that it may be included.

Updated Sept 5, 2020


August 14, 2020 -- Property Security Breach Notice

To: All SHMC Members and Boaters
Owners and Leesees are being advised that several incidences of unauthorized access to Marina property and vessels by individuals were reported.
The most recent known events occurred as follows:
August 05 2020 approximately 0200 in the morning unknown people gathered on the end of Dock B that resulted in a noise complaint. Beach Haven Police responded and dispersed the violators.
August 03 2020 approximately 10:15-11:00 in the vicinity of Dock A – 23 and A – 21. Boarding was made by unknown individuals and Beach Haven Police were called. No further action was taken.
Video surveillance cameras are in place however limit the deterrence so we are asking all members to be cautious and alert to any suspicious activity and report immediately if you witness a problem to:
Beach Haven Police Department 609-492-0506 or 9-1-1 and please let one of the SHMC Board members and Staff know as well.
Remember: “If you see something - SAY SOMETHING”.

Shelter Harbor Marina

August 14, 2020


July 14, 2020 -- NO SWIM Alert

To: All SHMC Members and Boaters
Re: No Swimming Advisory
Most everyone is aware of the “No Swimming” restriction that has been in place within all SHMC basins and waterways. This is a friendly reminder that unknown underwater hazards may exist and to please advise your family and friends to stay out of Marina waters.
The below link is evidence of an incident that occurred recently at an Arizona lake:
July 14, 2020--Arizona lake 'electrocution incident' kills 2 brothers, girlfriend left with 'burn marks' on feet, legs
Please heed this directive as tragedies like this one are avoidable.
Shelter Harbor Marina

July 14, 2020


July 9, 2020 -- Marina Health Update
Please see below for latest Marina Health Update

PDF file of latest Marina Health Update

July 9, 2020


June 29, 2020 -- News Release
Coast Guard asks public to use caution during construction on N.J. Intracoastal Waterway

U.S. Coast Guard 5th District Mid-Atlantic
Contact: 5th District Public Affairs
Office: (757) 398-6272
PHILADELPHIA — The Coast Guard is asking the public to exercise caution while operating boats and watercraft on the Intracoastal Waterway in New Jersey while the Coast Guard makes repairs to aging navigational aids from late June through early July.
Boaters are requested to operate at a slow speed in the ICW while members of Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Cape May and the Coast Guard Dive Team remove damaged aids to navigation by conducting diving operations.
Boats causing wakes or coming too close to divers can cause a potentially dangerous situation for workers above and below the water.
"Our main priority is to keep waterway traffic and our workers safe while repairs to waterway aids to navigation structures are made," said Chief Warrant Officer Elijah Reynolds, officer in charge of Coast Guard Aids to Navigation station Cape May. "We are taking a proactive approach to repairs in order to prevent future potential hazards to navigation on the waterways."


June 14, 2020
Latest Letter to Owners and Renters

Date: June 14, 2020

The pool and outdoor hot tub will be open 7 days a week starting June 22nd through Labor Day Weekend
Monday –Thursday 10am –6pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am –7pm
Weather permitting

INDOOR HOT TUB open 7 days a week starting June 22nd
Monday –Thursday 10am –5pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am –7pm

Be sure to have your NEW pool badges!

Board and Staff


April 23, 2020

To: Mariners planning to transit Shelter Harbor Marina Inlet Beach Haven New Jersey
From: SHMCA Staff Operations
Date: April, 23, 2020
Re: Underwater Hazard in Close Proximity to Marina Entrance

Be advised this date to use extreme caution – during the NJ State commercial dredging of the area outside the bulkhead a mechanical malfunction occurred disabling the equipment.

The resulting spoils were not able to be cleared from SHM inlet in time before the breakdown.

The area of the hazard has been marked however it is advised not to transit the inlet during low tide and no additional information is available at this time regarding the draft limits and depth of the debris.

It is anticipated to be cleared once repairs are made to the equipment next week.



Latest Boating Rules


April 21, 2020
Latest Letter to Owners and Renters
from SHMA Board

To: SHMC Owners and Renters
From: SHMC Board and Staff
Date: April 21, 2020
Re: Update on State/Local Guidelines and Marina Ops.

We are pleased to announce the following permitted activities to further the safety of our community. We absolutely understand that some rules may be inconvenient however the health of our membership is paramount and in these challenging times - we must be following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health:

June 15th is the adjusted date to have boats and Sport Ports removed from surface storage (parking and picnic area).

• Mask protocol enforced- Masks must be worn on premises and may be removed while on boats at discretion of owner
• Fresh Water system to be energized on all docks by Friday April 24
• Office, Clubhouse, Main Restrooms will remain closed until further notice (Contact Staff via phone during normal hours)
• The 12th Street restrooms will open with social distancing rules in effect (1 person per usage) Special sanitizing equipment on order
• Pool and Hot Tubs will remain closed until future guidelines permit
• Refrain from socializing/congregating by keeping tables and chairs off docks
• Ice machine will remain temporarily out of service

Contact Michael via phone to coordinate your boat and/or Sport Port water delivery. PPE (Mask/Gloves) must be utilized while on site.

Remember that all Contractors and Mechanics will need to wear their own PPE (Mask/Gloves) at all times while on SHMC property.

Please limit exposure to others by refraining from inviting guests to the boats during this period. Immediate family only.

Anyone who reports any signs of illness is advise to stay off the property and not quarantine on the boat.

These are temporary limitations that will be reevaluated and reported on again in two weeks.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and wish you all to stay safe and in good health.

Board and Staff

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